1) How do I start the design or renovation process for my home, part of my house or a room?

There are two ways to start : you can come to our showroom and get inspiration from the wide selection of wallcoverings, fabrics, window treatments we will show you or you can invite us to your house or office for consultation.

2) Will Paperworks Plus visit my house to help me select the best wallpaper and fabrics?

Yes. Paperworks Plus provides on-site design consultation. We will visit your home or business and help you made the design decisions that will make you happy.

3) Can Paperworks Plus help me select furniture and fixtures to create the look I want?

Yes. Paperworks Plus has a wide range of contacts at DCOTA (http://dcota.com/) as well as at local merchants. For a reasonable hourly rate, we will visit merchants and design centers with you to ensure you get the look you want at the best possible price.

4) Can I provide my own measurements for wallpaper?

Yes. We can order wallpaper based on your measurements, but highly recommend that you use one of our approved installers to make sure that the measurements are correct. High quality wallpaper varies slightly from run to run. If you don’t order enough (which is usually the case), the second order may be from a different run and be of a slightly different color.

5) If I don’t like the wallpaper that I ordered it, can I return it?

Yes you can return it, but most companies charge a 25% restocking fee. We can show you the wallpaper books during our in home consultation or you can take a book home. If you are still not completely sure, you can order a sample of almost any of the ten thousand wallpapers that we have for a small fee.

6) Does Paperworks Plus repair shutters and blinds?

Yes. We have installers that can help you with most of the issues that you may have. All of the companies that we represent provide free repair or replacement if the item is defective, the customer however is required to pay shipping and installation (if required).

7) Does Paperworks Plus manage the design process from the beginning to the very end?

We work with very reliable subcontractors, with whom we have had a relationship for many years. We handle all the scheduling and will provide the installers, painters and cabinetry makers needed to make your dreams come true.

8) Does Paperworks Plus provide other services?

Yes. We provide complete design services. We can help you with space planning, furniture arrangement, area rugs, lamps and art objects. We have the knowledge, experience and contacts need to make your living space something truly special.

9) Does Paperworks Plus do installation of wallpaper or window treatments purchased from other stores?

In general, you should contact the provider of these items. Proper installation depends on the quality of the material purchased and the design. We guarantee our products from beginning to end.